UK Ride + Soul BMX Experience + DIGBMX


UK Ride + Soul BMX Experience + DIGBMX

You can hardly pick up a BMX magazine this month without reading about this year's Ninja Spin (and quite rightly so ;o) and UK Ride #96 features a very detailed and personal account of what went down that weekend in May. Also in this issue you'll find.

- Tyre wrestling (made easy...) with George French
- Flat matters with Chris 'Inertia Tour Bus' Job
- 20 questions this month featuring Brian Tunney

Soul BMX Experience #43 also has Ninja Spin coverage with a review from Alexis Desolneux including more photos from more angles, an interview with Day Smith, Simon O'Brien's St Martin bike spec and images, plus a poster of Justin Miller in the middle of his signature 180 varial hitchhiker half kickflip to backpacker...

Finally, DIGBMX #53 has two flatland interviews worth checking out, one from the aforementioned Mr Desolneux and another from Scott Mcdonald (flatlander, musician, street rider, and all round good guy).

Seems like the mags can't get enough flatland these days...;o) so support!

Posted: 49 years ago

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