Global Science: Front or Back Wheel?


Global Science: Front or Back Wheel?

The Global Flat Science Department (GFSD) conducted a so-called survey on the well-respected science portal Facebook.
We asked our 4000 followers if they prefer front or back wheel tricks. A mind-blowing amout of people (about 20) took the time to take part. So far the front wheel is slightly in the lead.

For the non-flatlanders out there we provided the "What is a wheel?" option. Apparently Adam Kun choose that one. Well.. 

Last but not least Facebook allows people to add their own options to the survey and someone claimed to be a banana. Dear friend, 1st: that's not relevant and 2nd: we don't believe you!

It's not too late to participate in our survey: click here.

Posted: 10 years ago

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