NYB-Japan: New Freecoaster/Hubs Manufacturer


NYB-Japan: New Freecoaster/Hubs Manufacturer

NYB-Japan is a new freecoaster and hub manufacturer which has been founded this November. Shigeki Tomozawa, a manager of NYB-JAPAN, worked for Techno Nankai as an engineer in development and manufacturing.

The following hubs will be released in 2013 and made in Japan:
- K-freecoaster hub FCHK-MX 395g/0.87lbs
- B-freecoaster hub FCHB-MX 470g/1lbs
- angular radial cassette free hub CH-MX 490g / 1.1lbs
- angular radial front hub MHS 265g

All hubs will be available in black and clear polished.

More details are posted on dig-it blog in Japanese.

Posted: 11 years ago

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