iPhone 5 Okinawa edit by Naoto Tamaru


iPhone 5 Okinawa edit by Naoto Tamaru

I just watched this video and enjoyed it so much that I want to share it. I love that it was done with a simple iPhone - something that so many of us have, but not so many use to film when travelling. It's a really cool idea, and this video is proof that anyone can go out and make a very enjoyable video. Naoto did a great job with this. It's not stuffy or serious at all; it's the opposite, just fun and BMX (and some skating). The video is full of great riding, but the link at around 1:20 was pure fire. Riders include: Tomoharu Kiyuna, Seiya Higa, Ayumu Nishihara, Takumi Higa, Fumiya Kanna, and Naoto Tamaru.

Posted: 6 years ago

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