What's inside Encounter #4?


What's inside Encounter #4?

What's inside Encounter magazine #4?

Florida Trip
 - Hiroshi Uehara, the owner of Fourthirty and the head judge of KOG visited Chad Degroot, a legendarily flatland rider at Florida.

DMC Interview - An interview of Dennis McCoy, aka DMC. Asking about the behind scene of Dew Tour.

Hiroshi Uehara Interview - Hiroshi Uehara is the founder of Fourthirty. He currently owns 3 shops and his brand, Fourthrity is known as the one of the famous street apparel in Japan. But he started his brand from 1m x 1m space at his senior's brand 10 years ago.

UK / Estonia trip - Trip to Simpel session via London, UK. 

Portugal Trip

A theme and answers - Asking KOG champions about the past, present and future of KOG.

Keiji's Australia Exploration - Keiji is currently living Australia and hit the road to explore Skateparks and the nature.

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