Ucchie wins KOG Round 2


Ucchie wins KOG Round 2

Ucchie won the second round of KOG. His final battle was against Shinishi Kiba. Takahiro Ikeda and Moto Sasaki battled for the 3rd place and as you can see on the photo Moto won! Check the previous post for a video of the whole final.

1st Yohei Ucchino
2nd Shinishi Kiba
3rd Moto Sasaki 
4th Takahiro Ikeda
5th Syuichi Osada
6th Yoshiki Ucchino
7th Nao Yoshida
8th Takayua Higa
9th Hiroya Morzaki
10th Fumiya Kanna

Go to for the complete results of all classes.

Photo: 4TRiK´s blog

Posted: 49 years ago

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