Global-Flat T-Shirts: USA / Canada


Global-Flat T-Shirts: USA / Canada

You probably remember our T-Shirt Design Contest. Andrew´s design won and we printed the first tees in the meantime. We´ll print the shirts in the USA and Europe to save you shipping costs.

The ones for the US and Canada are printed at Base Brooklyn - an american BMX Apparel company that was recently relaunched. We´re pretty stoked on getting the shirts printed there instead of some random shop. Take a look behind the scene: Video - BASE Brooklyn Long Island Outpost 

Roy takes care of the distribution in North America. In a few days we´ll start selling them online through BigCartel. You can also get them directly from Roy this weekend at the Battle At The Bricks contest or at the York Jam or Tuner Evolution contest. Stay tuned!

Posted: 50 years ago

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