Matthias wins JoMoPro


Matthias wins JoMoPro

Matthias won the final of the JoMoPro contest. It was really great to watch the finals live online. Big thanks to the Byke Project for providing the live stream! You can watch the recorded footage on Ustream if you missed it: 24minutes + 74minutes.

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Trevor Meyer
3rd Shintaro Misawa
4th Matt Wilhelm
5th Terry Adams
6th Yohei "UchieŽ Uchino
7th Viki Gomez
8th Alex Jumelin
Intermediate class winner: Jim McKay
Veteran class winner: Tony Strickler
Expert class winner: Bryan Huffman
Master class winner: Jody Temple

Roy posted the complete results in the forum.
Photo: Fat Tony / Ride

Posted: 50 years ago

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