ABBMX-Stage Flatland Open results and photos


ABBMX-Stage Flatland Open results and photos

 The ABBMX-Stage Flatland Open took place on March 21 and 22. It was considered the greatest event of flatland in Brazil with the best riders from this country. Here are the results.

1st Bruno Zebú,Penapolis S.P.
2nd Leo Claro,Guarulhos S.P.
3rd Sergio Balú,Guaruja S.P.
4th Gilson Ratinho,Taboão da serra S.P.
5th Romulo Guerra,Rio de Janeiro R.J.
6th Francisco Pekeno,São Paulo S.P.
7th Lísias Tabarelli,Piracicaba S.P.
8th Erick Soares,Santos S.P.
9th Patrick Coelho,Salvador Bahia.
10th Adriano,Rio de Janeiro R.J.

Lísias Tabarelli sent us some cool photos of the contest: ABBMX-Stage Flatland Open Gallery

Posted: 49 years ago

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