Flat Friday #50 by Effraim


Flat Friday #50 by Effraim

What a week, and what drama! 2010 has most definitely started with a kick up the balls!

Banging Akihiko Takahashi edit.
Greece Trip 2009 video by Michal Dufek
Classic Revenge DVD edit.

flatlandism blog - If you haven´t checked this out, def worth a look, not only flat this is bmx, with plenty of double diamond back wheel loving edits to boot...

Dominik Nekolny´s bikecheck on
Romain George on St Martin edit.
Lyon scene edit.
matthiasdandois - Matthias on vans! Promo edit.

flatmattersonline - White Friday!!-(and James is not happy...), Remember Flatground?, Martti Kuoppa disqualification interview, Dez Maarsen interview part 1& 2...

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