Costa Rica: BMX War Jam & Ticos Jam


Costa Rica: BMX War Jam & Ticos Jam

Are you sick of the damn winter? Well, here is the solution: Costa Rica will have its own flatland party with two big events: BMX War Jam and Ticos Jam 7. At the beginning, the idea was to have both events close to each other so that people from other countries could attend both jams, but unfortunately, the presidential elections will take place on February 7th and the Ticos Jam date had to be postponed. In spite of this, a lot of national and international riders are expected to come and enjoy the Costa Rican summertime!

BMX War Jam: Sunday January 31st (flatland & street contest) - Nicoya, Costa Rica

Ticos Jam: Sunday February 14th - San José, Costa Rica

Posted: 49 years ago

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