News from Zion Bikes by Mislav


News from Zion Bikes by Mislav

At this moment were finishing the second version of Sams prototype Focus frame and also making another new version of Keelans singature frame LowKee, that will have a longer TT and CS then the first one, also coming in some fresh new colors and a minor redesign.
On this second version of Focus prototype we modified the look of the frame just a little bit to add some more space above the TT and well also play around with angles on the frame so Sam can make a final decision on what the production model will look like. We expect Focus to be available on the market in summer 2010.
Also, were working on a small redesign of a Worldwide stem, just to make the front plate stronger.
Last thing I would like to announce are Luna and LowKee complete bikes. We are making few prototypes of these bikes to test all the parts and try to make the price as low as possible.
As for the team, things are looking really great. Sam has been really underground all this year and it was a right thing to do, cause he got his batteries charged and he is really eager to ride. This whole Groundtactics movement really got him motivated so you can expect a sick video for Semi finals.
Keelan has been doing Inertia Shows throughout the year and I think all of you have seen his latest video.
Then there is Sonic, a young talented rider that yet has to blow your mind, hehe. Be sure that he will. Hes a great guy with a huge talent, enormous will to ride and a super fast riding style. 2010 is going to be his year for sure.
And the last news comes straight from Japan - Akihiko Takahashi made an INSANE new video, 8 minutes long, with so many amazing moves... Check it out and see for yourselves.

Posted: 51 years ago

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