Xmas Flat Friday by Effraim


Xmas Flat Friday by Effraim

Merry xmas global flatties worldwide! - On the road 2009 edit and new tshirt designs, deepbmx is kicking arse! Im feeling it! - Odyssey/flatware down under, Ben Moran edit, Flatmatters interview, Chino of the Phillipines edit, Buttery Shintaro Misawa edit, Fat Tony´s Colony Cube, dont sleep on this site, tons of good stuff!!

flatmattersonline - Ralf Maier´s Bmx book trailer, White friday, Topical: Is it time for flatland to return to BMX, Ziffir crew edit, Flatlandism blogspot, Old school sundays, Manos from greece edit....

Michael Sommer "darchor" trailer on
New Wolfgang Sauter edit -

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