Some Polish stuff + LoveBMX Mag #23


Some Polish stuff + LoveBMX Mag #23

The polish flatland scene is quite a small one but we have some talented riders. One of them is Pawel Bobowik, known as Maksymilian. He is stubborn and rides few hours every day and his progress is really great - just check his two new vids - this one and the second one made by Ancer.

The other great polish flatlander is Adrian Lowkajtis, better known as lowka. Just check this video - Pikantny trzmiel. A lot of fast spinning and one of the best editing ever!

Now weŽll move over to the Czech Republic. The new issue of LoveBMX is out now. Flatland highlights are the interview with Manu Massabova and a contest report on the Flatland Church Fight. Check it out:

Posted: 50 years ago

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