Flat Friday #46 by Effraim


Flat Friday #46 by Effraim

What a busy week, so many events all within the last week!!

flatmattersonline - New weekly Column by James White!
Full level vibes coverage all week, Robert Vollerīs video - Effraim level vibes interview on espn, plus report and pictorials have been coming in daily!

News on the Saturday night fever jam on agoride. - report on the saturday night jam fever event.

Bobby C has been hard at work at diversion tv, awesome news here!! Diversion TV teamed up with King of Ground, to bring you the King of Ground Video Series. Each video contains comprehensive coverage of each round. All the pro battles, plus expert highlights.

Great Trevor Meyer video just dropped.
New Ganji promos this week: part 1, part2.
Sevisual Carhartt tour edit part 1.
FLATtv vlog update.
Mike S section on peoples stores video.

Rad Dad and the Austin crew wish you all a Merry Xmas!
Simon OīBriens trailer to follow up to the classic "Made you look", cant wait for this!

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