Online Video Battles: Prizes, Stats and Trading Cards


Online Video Battles: Prizes, Stats and Trading Cards

The second round of the online video battles is heading towards the finish line. At the moment the voting for the second semifinal battle of the Beginner class is active. Vote vote vote!
In a few days the first semifinal videos of the Intermediate class will be posted.
The expert class already proceeded to the final battle ( Ondo vs Luke ). Expect the voting to start in 1 or 2 days.
For the master class the semifinals will start in a few days. Make sure you stay tuned!
Mark "Rad Dad" Dandridge keeps updating the stats on all the battles. If you study mathmatics youŽll surely understand all this. Mark even did trading cards for all the riders! Amazing!

To add a little extra motivation weŽll have prizes for the best rider of each class this time. KHE was so kind to sponsor a couple of tires which most of the competitors will probably need after all the practice for the battle videos and furthermore we have some Flat Kings books and Diversion DVDs.

Posted: 51 years ago

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