KGB and Intrikat Online Video Battle


KGB and Intrikat Online Video Battle

Online video battles are getting popular! KGB and Intrikat decided to start their own competition. They want to see innovation, new tricks, new switches, new styles. Since you gonna need some time to reinvent the flatland wheel the deadline for the first round is the 1st August 2010. Bust out!

Martti, Viki, Chad, Effraim, Kotaro and Terry will judge the videos. Soon a forum topic will be announced where you can post your videos. Stay tuned!

The winner of the competition will get a video part in the next Intrikat production, KGB sponsorship, Costo hat sponsorship, coverage in Cream and of course here on Global-flat!

You can find all the detailled information here: KGB and Intrikat Online Video Battle. Please read the text below the flyer, too!

Posted: 52 years ago

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