Flat Friday #23 by Effraim


Flat Friday #23 by Effraim

Martti Kuoppa kickflip contest on this forum, one of best things to happen in flat for years. Dez Maarsen kickflip winner vid.

Daniel Fuhrmann - FAT favourites and cool footage from South Africa.
Pegless flatland with Leo Claro on YouTube.

flatlandaustralia - Shane Badman Winter 08/09 edit, Colony Down Undergound edit.
flatmattersonline - Three part flatchat with Diversion TV’s Bobby Carter, exclusive flatfighters 4 video. World championship contenders: Justin Miller/Martti Kuoppa..

There´s at least one cool photos of Terry every week. This week you can find them on At Home with Terry Adams.

Mates asked us to publish this cool edit. There you go!
Matthias did a video interview for a big french sports website.

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