Amigos Holmes Cancer Fundraiser Jam


Amigos Holmes Cancer Fundraiser Jam

Country: Australia
Location: Jindalee
Date: Saturday 30th November 2013

An integral part Australian BMX needs your help so who better to raise awareness for his situation then the most integral person in Australian BMX, Kevin Keefs Neil.

Matt Holmes, mastermind behind 2020 BMX Magazine and events including House of Hammers and Spinal Disorder, is ill. Matt has had to deal with having a tumor surgically removed from his throat and is now undergoing chemotherapy to beat anything left into remission.

We, the Amigos, have enjoyed a BMX in Australia that has flourished through the coverage and encouragement that Matt Holmes has given. We are endeavouring to help support Matt in his battle by hosting a series of BMX events around Australia to raise funds for Matt's recovery.

Come and join us at a fundraising jam for Matt at Jindalee skatepark on the 30th of November. Like us on Facebook,, follow us on Instagram @amigosofholmes and keep checking this blog to stay up to date!

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