Odyssey BMXSummerComp


Odyssey BMXSummerComp

Country: Portugal
Location: the Parque da Juventude, Portimão
Date: Friday 9th September 2005

The Comp. Will be on 9th-10th-11th-September in Portimão-Portugal, located at the same place at the worlds 1998 (the Parque da Juventude).

The Odyssey Bmxsummercomp.05 is a new kind of event; last year was the first event with over 70 riders, including pros like Nathan Penonzek, Ruben Alcantara, Sergio Layos, Javier Ortega, and many other top class riders. Last year was a great success, attracting over 3000 spectators each day at the event.

The Park is very well situated, just 2Km from stunning beachs and the great nightlife of Portimaos pub´s. There are also several hotels around the park (and near the beach too). The temperature at this time of year is around 35 degrees!!!

For this year this are our plans:

- Three categories, Flatland, Street and Dirt;
- All categories will be divided into amateur and professional classes;
- For the pros there will be prize money for the first 5 riders, the first 5 amateurs will receive bike parts, clothes, etc;
- The flat area is around 1200 square meters with a specially built wood surface;
- There will be live music at the park followed by the riders being welcome at the nightlife spots of the town;
- There will be a vending area for BMX products/clothes Shops, and food stalls;
- For this year we are going to have a Graffiti contest;
- We have planning some Break Dance shows too.

Prizes Money (for Professionals Categories; Street, Flat and Dirt);

-1º Place ?500?
-2º Place ?400?
-3º Place ?300?
-4º Place ?200?
-5º Place ?100?

All registrations can be made at the venue on the morning of the 9th or on the website,

- E-mail:
- Official site:
- Tell. Fax number: +351 282 419 849
- Celular mobile: +351 919 078 255 (Valter Guerreiro)
- Celular mobile: +351 969 086 686 (Nuno Águas)
- Celular mobile: +351 965 631 350 (Pedro Silveira)

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