Anarchy in Anderson


Anarchy in Anderson

Country: United States
Location: Anderson, IN
Date: Friday 3rd August - Sunday 5th August 2012

Round 3 of AMFLT!

Joe Miller will be opening his skatepark in Anderson, Indiana to welcome Round 3 of the 2012 Am Flatland Circuit. Friday the 3rd will be registration and practice/jam. Saturday the 4th will be the contest. Sunday the 5th will be reserved as a rain date.

Surface: 45×80 Beautiful smooth flat cement!

Entry: $50 Ams, $100 Pros

Classes: Veteran, Novice, Expert & Pro

Format: *Subject to change*

Veteran: 2, 1:45 qualifying runs (best run counts). 2, 1:30 final runs (best run counts)

Novice: 2, 1:45 qualifying runs (best run counts). 2, 1:30 final runs (best run counts)

Expert: 2, 2:15 qualifying runs (best run counts). 2, 2:00 final runs (best run counts)

Pro: 2, 3:00 qualifying runs (best run counts). 2, 2:30 final runs (best run counts)

Schedule subject to change*

9am-1030am: final registration/open practice
1030am-11am: Novice Practice
11am-12pm: Novice Qualify/Finals
12pm-1230pm: Veteran Practice
1230pm-130pm: Veteran qualify/finals
130pm-2pm: Expert Heat 1 Practice
2pm-3pm: expert heat 1 qualify
3pm-330pm: expert heat 2 practice
330pm-430pm: expert heat 2 qualify
430pm-5pm- expert final practice
5pm-6pm: expert finals
6pm-7pm: pro practice
7pm-8pm: pro qualify/finals
8pm-830pm: best trick practice
830pm-9pm: best trick contest
9pm: awards

**Each class will immediately follow the next. Exact Time subject to change.**

Judging: Judges will be using the same system developed & approved by a panel of top pros, organizers and industry vets for JoMoPro and the World Circuit. Judges will judge and give scores to 3 categories: Difficulty, Originality & Consistency. Difficulty is worth 100 pts, Originality 85 pts & Consistency 75 pts. All judges scores are then collected and averaged to give a final score. There will be 3-5 respected judges for each class.

Pro Purse: $1500 *Subject to change* Top 3 will be paid out (possibly more depending on participants).

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