OG Gypsy Games ( 1 Week )


OG Gypsy Games ( 1 Week )

Country: Hungary
Location: Ajka
Date: Monday 1st August 2005

We would like to invite yo to the 3rd annual OG Summer
Gypsy Games Flatland Contest and Camp.
The event is perfect for everyone who prefers events
with really relaxed atmosphere and friendly vibe. The
location is situated in the Transdanubia, just above
the lake Balaton. From the Austrian border you only
have to drive around 100km to reach the city. We chose
this city just because all the circumstances are
perfect for a relaxed comp and camp: everything is
really close, cheap, and quiet, it has great pubs and
nice environment. The courts are located in a school,
it looks like a small kind of park.

Location: the city of Ajka, Hungary /cca. 150km from
Budapest to the west/, Vorosmarty iskola /secondary
Date: Camp 1-5 August, Contest 6-7 August
Classes: Expert, Master and Pro
Registration: 2 euro in all classes
Surface: smooth asphalt, 3 large courts next to one
another, separate warm-up area.
Accomodation: clean and cheap youth hostel, 10 metres
away from the courts.
Price for the youth hostel: the first night costs 7
Euro, and all the additional nights cost 6 Euro/night.

Expect good parties, karaoke night, open-air Trick
Stars 6 flatland movie premiere, excursions and a
really good contest with strong classes and lots of
fun. More than 120 flatlanders will attend the Gypsy
Games. We will have riders from Germany, France,
Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and of
course, Hungary.

Riders that have already visited the Gypsy Games:
Simon O?Brien, Albert Retey, Michael Sommer, Geraldo
Kittel, Sebastian Pospischil, Adam Kun, Peter Sarlos,
Markus Redlberger, Sebastian Grubinger, etc.
The confirmed riders for this year: Alexis Desolneux,
Cristophe Dassie, Sebastian Grubinger, Mirek Hanzl,
Kurt Rubik, Markus Redlberger, Adam Kun, Peter
Szabolcsi, Pal Gyenes, Marton Szilagyi, and many, many
Write to for details.

Everyone is welcome to have a great time!

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