The Flat Jam


The Flat Jam

Country: United States
Location: Anaheim, CA
Date: Saturday 21st May 2011


THE BICYCLE SOURCE & FLAT CLOTHING CO. proudly present: THE FLAT JAM! The Flat Jam will be a jam with a twist! (Kinda like a bowl of cheerios with a tablespoon of sugar!).

First of all: it will be held on the showroom floor of the newly launched & already world-famous bike shop: The Bicycle Source. This shop is a history lesson & display of all things BMX, and definitely a sight to be seen.

The showroom floor area is about 2,000 sq.ft. of painted, flat & level cement that will be completely cleared-out just for us. With that said, it will be more of a jam-circle style but I think will add to the intensity level of the riding. There is also a mini skatepark on the other side of the shop & has a little flat area in there that I´m sure a few folks will take advantage of. Second of all: There will be PRODUCT prizes from our sponsors, FREE FOOD, a great SOUND system, and the climax of riding: a BEST-TRICK CONTEST for CASH! (amount to be revealed with the announcement of the winner) The judges will be all the riders in attendance including those entering best-trick & by secret ballot.

Third of all: There will be an AFTER-PARTY! The Source has a cool little "pro lounge" area complete with mini-bar, leather couches, and a digital projector that throws big-screen videos on the wall! Some FREE BEER will be supplied for those that qualify!

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