Fight the Winter Contest


Fight the Winter Contest

Country: Germany
Location: Göttingen
Date: Saturday 8th January 2011


Since there were a few jams in the last few years in Göttingen I decided to do a Contest!
This is the first contest in Göttingen so it be an open class system and the prices will be from Parano Garage, FOX Bikes and Voss-Fahrräder am Bahnhof.
DJ Slick Tec will spinn the Records with Funk and Oldschool HipHop Tunes!
The location is an old Tank Hall in Göttingen! There will be heating!
I will do anything to prepare the floor as good as possible but I cant afford to put osb woodplates in the Hall. This is just to inform everybody that the floor is not perfect. Maybee next year I will be able to give you the beloved osb floor...
Next To the Hall is a Supermaket for all your needs!
e-mail to:
I will answere from time to time.

Jesse spread the word that he will be there...

See you!

Malte Orth

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