The Bike Show 2005 UK


The Bike Show 2005 UK

Country: United Kingdom
Location: Stoneleigh Park
Date: Friday 1st April 2005

New venue - Stoneleigh Park, Coventry, offering both indoor AND outdoor space for competitors, exhibitors and visitors.

Over one million square metres of indoor and outdoor space. 2 indoor venues PLUS a new stand-alone building for the street course and flatland, covering 11,803 square metres.

The new venue has attracted some of the world´s best riders. The roster of talent includes Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Cory Nastazio, Ryan Guettler, Ruel Ericsson, Stephen Murray, Ben Hennon and Chris Mahoney.

414 Industries are building the street course so it´s going to be a great feature of the show.

Tickets: £14 in advance, £16 on the door.
Ticket Hotline Number: 0870 145 2244

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