Flatland Jam Menen


Flatland Jam Menen

Country: Belgium
Location: J&M Sabbestraat 163A (Park Ter Walle) Menen(8940)
Date: Saturday 22nd August - Sunday 23rd August 2009

Old skool Jam in Menen(Belgium) with the opportunity for INDOOR(sports floor) and OUTDOOR(basketball field) riding. You can show your skills in a friendly atmospher for 2day. The soundīs brought by DJ Rahfen and Oxes. In the sport complex you can drink and eat something small and after riding you can take a shower. Thereīs are some hotels in Menen if you come by train (check online). People with a car can look for a F1hotel in Roncq(france) only 15 min with car from the Jam.

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