OG Summer Contest & Camp


OG Summer Contest & Camp

Country: Hungary
Location: Szombathely
Date: Wednesday 12th August - Sunday 16th August 2009

We are happy to announce the contest and camp that was formerly known as the OG Summer Gypsy Games. We chose another city for location and we hope that everyone who had fun in Ajka will really enjoy the city of Szombathely. The new court is huge and it´s pretty good.


The camp will start on 12 August and last until Saturday. Then the contestmode will be switched on: we will have the qualifiers on Saturday and the finals on Sunday.

Accommodation: youth hostel close to the event (rooms with 6-7 beds), cca. 8 Euro per night.

Categories: Expert, Master and Pro + Best Combo

Prizes from OG, Odyssey and RedBull

Come and be a part of the event!
The A Bad Thing team and some of Europe´s and the worlds´ finest riders will be there (including Adam Kun, Dominik Nekolny and many others)!

See the flyer and contact us for more details!


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