Flatland für Arme, Flatland für Beine #6


Flatland für Arme, Flatland für Beine #6

Country: Germany
Location: Yachthafen, Augustastraße 7, 17033 Neubrandenburg M/V
Date: Saturday 18th April 2009


Also in the year 2009 we stay tuned to our motto to create a contest "from BMX riders for BMX riders".

Six years ago we had never expected to hold the last "Flatland-only" contest in Germany. Cause most flatland riders just want to have some good times and a decent session our simple concept has apparently proven.

That´s why we´re happy about to open the doors of the Neubrandenburg marina once again to have a good competition for the 6th time with all of you.

The marina is located at the beautiful lake Tollensesee which offers a perfect ambient for an indoor contest and a proper aftershow party. We´ve choosen this location to give you the best riding conditions in a serious competiotion and as well because it is easily to get to by train or by car trough the highway A20 or B96.

2:00 pm

Entrance fee:
visitors: 4 € (3€ with flyer)
master class: 10€
pro class: 15€

Perfect conditions for riders:

- smoothed and painted OSB floor (10m x 20m)
- contest DJ "Jimmy J. Jackson Junior from Chicago” and “Nick Naughty out of New York”   
- aftershow party (access is included in entrance fee)
- accomodation after arangement


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