Country: United Kingdom
Location: Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Date: Friday 13th June - Sunday 15th June 2008

Friday 13th June/Saturday 14th June 2008

Groundroots UK flatland series (+ Open to everyone)

Round one - Relentless Nass, Shepton Mallet, Friday 13th/Saturday 14th June.
Pro prize money £1000.

Round two - Southsea Skatepark (date to be confirmed shortly)

Round three - Green Mile (possibly August bank holiday weekend-again to be confirmed asap)

Flat matters presents “Groundroots” at Relentless Nass. After much rescheduling and knashing of teeth, Am Flat qualifiers and Pro Flat qualifiers will be on Friday 13th June from 4pm till 6pm approx. With flatland finals on the Saturday morning, at the same location as last year, the area will be a lot smaller due to the street course being in there this year.

Round one of the “Groundroots” series is at this years Nass, a platform for UK riders to have the chance to excel and be seen, and maybe at the end of three rounds, you could be the UK champion.
Going back to the 90’s and when the UK scene was world renowned we had the Level Vibes, Cambridge jam, KOC, the UK scene had events going on all the time, you can fit Urban games in there too.
With the recent loss of any flatland coverage in Ride magazine, I personally think its important for flatland to be involved in big events as well as smaller grassroot events, the UK scene is thriving at the moment, but no-one sees it, unless you have an interest in flat already and check this website.
So this event at Nass is for all riders interested in flatland, if your into it, it would be great to see you there, if you don’t like competing, maybe come and watch or judge, but please do come and support and get involved.

- Relentless Nass is free entry

- Camping on site (at your peril haha)

Any potential sponsors please contact me,


Effraim Catlow

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