Chilli in Action 2007


Chilli in Action 2007

Country: Lithuania
Location: White bridge skatepark, Vilnius
Date: Wednesday 12th September 2007

imageChilli in Action 2007 - the first Lithuanian contest which includes Flatland! It will take place in capital Vilnius, in skatepark, which is near to White bridge. More info in Lithuanian is here (You can ask in english/russian there too!). For additional questions you can write me an e-mail for meska (at) bmx (dot) lt . Still, the flatland contest will have one common class. It doesn´t matter you´re a Pro or Am... Latvian, Estonian, Polish and Belarussian riders are invited to come! See you there!


9:00-10:00 Registration
11:00 Skate qualifies
11:30 Agressive inline qualifies
12:00 BMX Park qualifies
12:30 Flatland qualifies
13:00 MTB-Trial qualifies
13:30 Live performance – Saint oil sand, AFM and Va taip vat (Punk rock bands)
14:30 Finals Skate Parke ( riedlentės, agressive riedučiai, bmx park)
15:30 Finals Flatland
16:00 Finals MTB Trial
17:00 Awards
21.00 Afterparty

Participants must:

* Confirm in writing, that he is responsible for his own health;
* Participants, who don´t have 18 y.o. must have parents permission in writing, that they are responsible for their children health;


* Participation under 14 y.o.;
* Using "destroyed" bikes;
* Using alcohol and drugs while participating ;).

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