Texas Flatland Round up III


Texas Flatland Round up III

Country: United States
Location: Center The Zone Skating Center, San Marcos, Texas
Date: Saturday 1st September 2007

This contest will be a "judge shall not judge" contest which means the riders will judge themselves. That's right, NO JUDGES. How will this work? You ask. Well, here you go...  
Each registered riders name will be put in a hat, one person who is not a rider in that class will draw HALF the number of names from the hat. The persons names that are drawn will then draw one name out of the hat, the person they draw is the person they will battle. EACH registered rider will receive a list of the battle roster and you will simply circle the persons name who you feel won that battle. You will vote on each battle EXCEPT your own.  A decision on pre-lims and finals will be made the day of the event depending on the number of riders in your class.  The number of riders will determine how the prelims will be handled. In the event of an odd number of riders in a class we will have a "wild card" where one lucky rider who didn't advance to the finals will have a second chance.      

There will be Three classes, just like the first two Round ups. Beginner, Expert and Pro. For time control, we will have to limit the number of riders in each class to 20.  

Entry fees will be Beginner $20.00, Expert $40.00 and Pro $60.00. A final Pro Purse has not yet been determined, however, so far we will start with a $1000.00 purse plus 100% of the pro entry fee will go into the purse. My goal at this point is to have a cash purse for the experts as well but no promises just yet.  

Ride every day and get ready for the dopest contest ever!!

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