Battle in da Club Tour Round 3


Battle in da Club Tour Round 3

Country: Germany
Location: Mach 1 Club, Kaiserstraße 1-9, Nürnberg
Date: Friday 3rd November 2006

imageOn 3rd of November the Battle in da Club tour, Germany’s first and sole Bmx Flatland run, is going to take place in Nurenberg. The location is Nurenberg’s most fantastic and trendy club, the Mach 1( Round number 3 of the BidC is presenting itself in a completely new shape and is filled with innovative ideas. Now a selection of only 16 of the best German and Austrian riders are invited to battle for a 2000€ trophy money. The 16 invited participants have the possibility to predefine a companion for the challenge. That means that the riders have to register in teams of two, the so called “tag teams”. Consequently, there are eight teams of two, competing in four battles by lot. The better team of a “duel” reaches the next round. In round two there are four teams and two battles remaining. After this the final battle is already fix. Two teams are struggling for the ultimate victory. After one of the teams was able to win, there will be a one -on- one finale between the members of the winner- team.


imageIn order to succeed, every participant is taken to his limit by this new rapid team-mode. That ensures tension till the end for the audience and also makes up a true challenge for every team. To allow the three judges to make an appraisal as fair and transparent as possible, a special judging system for this mode was created, which is simple but sensible:

Every judge has to judge both teams and both riders of a team by the following criteria and has to distribute scores accordingly:



In addition every judge has to make the following appraisal:


imageThe judges have to make their appraisals after each battle (for all riders of both teams) separated from each other and are not allowed to discuss their decision. They are allowed to take notes during the battles. As a result, a team is able to achieve a maximum score of 28 (maximum score of 12 rider A + maximum score of 12 rider B + maximum score of 4 teamwork/performance). The result of the battles is made out of the summation of the three appraisals, and is announced directly after that, before the “duel” of the next two teams starts. In case of a tie after the addition of the three results, the audience decides by applause (decibel measurement). The final one on one winner is exclusively chosen by the audience.

The Teams

Team Riders

Frank Lukas & Matti Röse
Waldemar Fatkin & Lasse Süttning
Daniel Fuhrmann & Sebastian Pospischil
Benni Großjohann & Roman Scheid
Flo Sailer & Wolfgang Sauter
Moritz Edschmid & Markus Redelberger
Chris Böhm & Dan Hennig
Sascha Heydemann & Sven Steinbach

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