Moto Groundforce


Moto Groundforce

Country: Singapore
Location: Suntac City Mall Entertainment Centre Atrium, Singapore
Date: Saturday 10th June - Sunday 11th June 2006

Moto Groundforce Global BMX Flatland Series

Time: 10:00 - 20:00
Classes: Amateur and Pro
Pro Purse: 20000 SGD ( = 12000 $ )

The pro class is with invitation only, write an e-mail to:

SingaporeĀ“s homegrown BMX Flatland series, hits the big-league this June.
For the very first time here in S.E. Asia, more than 50 professionals and amateur
riders from all across Europe, USA and Asia gather to battle for the top spot,
bragging rights and 20.000 SGD cold hard cash. These highly dedicated athletes
will be competing in the Pro and Amateur classes by unleashing a major assault of
technical tricks while maintaining all the style and flow flatlanders are known for.
Set amidst a backdrop of killer addictive beats and visuals pumped out by
DJ Rattle, Mylk and VJ Masashi, get set to witness cutting edge flatland.

phone: +65 98410487

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