Downunderground 2016 Round 1


Downunderground 2016 Round 1

Country: Australia
Location: Belair N.P., Adelaid, SA
Date: Saturday 30th April 2016


"For the first time in DownUnderGround’s 8 year history, the jam this year will be moving to Adelaide. For all our friends abroad, Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and Shane Badman‘s home city. Recently Andras Pentek from OG Bike Co., also moved there and along with the locals, the scene is really starting to move along.

Saturday, April 30 is when it’s all happening. From the buzz on instagram (@flataustralia) and about the place, it looks like it’s going to be an awesome event. This time happening in Belair National Park at Courts 51 and 52 which are a few hundred metres in on the right next to the first big oval you come to. You’ll see us there though! People will arrive late morning with a roughly lunch time start."


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