Catching Up with Bill Nitschke

Original comment: Each one of these Catching Up interviews i'm enjoying more and more. Next up was the turn of the man who invented the Whopper, and the man who has more energy than anyone I have ever met, ladies and gentlemen here is the Bill Nitschke Interview!!!

1:36: Introduction

2:13: Growing up riding in the AFA contests.

4:33: Meeting up with Todd Carter in the Ohio scene.

5:16: How did Bill get into flatland?

7:20: What shaped Bill's riding, his presence on the contest floor is unreal to watch live!

10:43: Inventing the whopper, and tells the story and what went down?

15:58: Spike Jonze shooting the whopper.

16:34: Favourite memories from competing?

17:37: Being the first person to do a tail whip over a set of doubles on dirt.

21:54: Getting involved in Standrad Bykes.

24:29: Leaving Standard Bykes and getting picked up by Homeless and starting Indy Industries.

27:26: Always keeping riding despite being burnt on contests.

28:07 Contests taking a back seat and becoming more show riding oriented.

29:36: The return of the AFA contests bringing Bill back to the contest scene.

32:34: Hitting the biggest Whopper I've ever seen at Battle in Rockies 2017 and the aura he sets when he rides in a contest.

35:50: How does competing in Battle format contests go for Bill Nitschke, all that stop start style?

39:45: Plans for 2018.

42:22: Final thanks.

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"Welcome winter "

Original comment: In middle east the winter is now growing up ! But still trying to go ahead in flatland ! #EffraimCatlow #BloondosCrew #ChrisBöhmTeam #Flatland

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Original comment: Short film about my trip to NYC!



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TAZcoaster Instagram contest

Original comment: Wait for it 😄 Nobody can’t stop me from winning in @terryadamsbmx give away of extremely limited edition @profile_racing #profileracing #TAZcoaster hub in a rad Instagram contest!
Well, almost nobody…🤪 Everyone wants to win! 😄

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Original comment: directed by yukipkoproject

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