Les Machines de l'île

Original comment: Nice idea from Robson to organize a jam in Nantes, France
Thanks to Heresy for the goodies !

Music : Boombox Cartel - People I Know (feat. Panama)
Photo by Kalix Jouanneau
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Vancouver Flat Jam - Sessions

Original comment: Sessions in Vancouver and Victoria before the jam in July 2018

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TGM (pre paint session)

Original comment: Flatland bmx at the freshly resurfaced mile .

TGM (pre paint session)
with Yinka Luke Thomas Steve Green Tgm Maz Miguel Pargas and Jason Forde.

#bmx #flatland #flatmatters #globalflat #london #ride #bike #cycle
Track: Aimee by Staytment

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Original comment: ENDLESS SUMMER

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Stop the world

Original comment: Playing with stopping, sliding, slowing and starting.

Posted: 2 days ago

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