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Vancouver Jam 2018 Highlights

Matej Ceska put a really nice video of the Vancouver Flatland Jam together. The jam took place a couple of months ago in July. You'll see a couple of well know faces like Cory Fester, Percy Marshall and Dub! Enjoy!

Posted: 26 days ago

UK Flatland Championship Results

Congratulations to Dominik on his victory at the UK Flatland Championships this weekend! Look who's back and in second place - Sam Foakes is representing the UK. He's followed by Davis Dudelis so it's a pretty international podium. Stay tuned for footage!

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Sam Foakes
3rd Davis Dudelis
4th Dan Margetts
5th Amos Burke
6th Turi Istvan
7th Dino Jeffers

1st Lee Wilson
2nd Remus Simion
3rd Yinka Thomas
4th Dino Jeffers
5th Stuart McLaren
6th Johann Chan
7th Akos Bordas
8th Michael P
9th James Ovens

Posted: 1 month ago

The world's longest Nose Manual - 382m

Davis Dudelis from Latvia did it again .. another attempt at the world's longest Nose Manual. It took him about 30 tries and 2h filming. He passed the 300 meter mark (about 1000 feet) a couple of times and the new record was set at 382m / 1253 ft. Amazing achivement - Congratulations!

Posted: 1 month ago

Markus Schwital - Kunstform Edit 2018

Markus and video maker Robin Kachfi teamed up for this video that turned out really good. They filmed at different spots in Stuttgart, Germany where Markus is living. If you want to take a look behind the scenes then check out this video (in German).

Posted: 1 month ago

Raphael Chiquez wins FISE Le Grau du Roi

It's a family victory for Celine Vaes and Raphael Chiquet at the FISE Xperience stop in Le Grau du Roi last weekend and the Coupe the France overall ranking. Now we just need their kids to compete. Congratulations! 

1st Raphael Chiquet
2nd Joris Bretagnolles
3rd Thomas Deschenaux
4th Thomas Noyer

1st Celine Vaes
2nd Caroline Carbonne
3rd Tamara Vedian

Posted: 1 month ago

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