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James McGraw - No Scuffing Style

James has been working on his combos to eliminate scuffing. There is nothing wrong with a good old scuff but it's clearly a question of style as well. This video is pretty much the result of several years of practice and finetuning. You'll see that James is really stoked on pulling some of the combos. Good job and congratulations on reaching the no-scuffing target!

Posted: 13 days ago

Hungary: Weekend Session at Sport Zone Edit

Rob Alton and a couple of friends had a quick weekend jam at the Sport Zone spot. Check this nice little edit! Looks like everyone had a good time and enjoyed the cozy indoor spot. Thanks to Rob for sharing! The next bigger jam would be Veres Jam in March.

Posted: 15 days ago

Gasparilla Jam Footage and Results

Here is some raw footage from the Gasparilla Jam in Tampa, Florida last weekend. Terry had a pretty good day winning most of the little contests as well as the pro class. Congratulations! You can find all the results below. Thanks to FlatlandSquad for uploading the footage to youtube, you can find part 2 here.

Best front wheel: Terry Adams
Best back wheel: Bo Wade
Best front and back wheel: Terry Adams
Best trick: Terry Adams
Best oldschool trick: Mike Alvarez

Pro Class:
1st Terry Adams
2nd Tyler Gilliard
3rd Dax Wolford

Posted: 18 days ago

HF Monthly Edit January - Front and Rear

What happened in January? Let's find out from Hiroki Film's perspective. The January edition is split in front and rear wheel combos. Above is the front wheel edit and here is the rear wheel magic. A lot of good riders and combos! Enjoy!

Featured Riders:
Front: Misaki ”gyaos” Katagiri, Shiyu Orikawa, Yasuhiro Uehara, Yorihisa ”Q” Shiota, Yasuhito ”Mayo” Watanabe, Ryuji Nakamura, Yoshihiro Shinde
Rear: Yukihiro Sato, Takayuki ”G” Iwate, Yoshihiro Shinde, Hirokazu Miura, Yasuhiro Uehara

Posted: 21 days ago

Hungary: Veres Jam 2018

Rob Alton dropped us the date of the next Veres Jam at his infamous indoor spot in Hungary which is on March 11. 

"Sport Zone Veresegyház Birthday BMX Jam. Celebrating one year of Sport Zone BMX School and Club! This JAM will be like last year in March. It's exactly 1 year since we opened with the first Veres BMX JAM."

Seems like a proper birthday party! Find more details here and on Facebook.

Posted: 24 days ago

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