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Watch Battle of the Champions live

This weekend the first event of the Fise series takes place in Saudi Arabia. The contest is by invitation only and they are providing a live stream of the qualifications and finals:

- Qualification March 15 at 15:35 UTC+3
- Finals March 16 at 15:30 UTC+3

Posted: 1 month ago

Fight The Winter 2019 Highlights

Thanks to Malte for organizing the annual Fight The Winter contest in Germany as well as sharing this fresh highlight edit of the 2019 edition. The whole setup looks really professional as always. Check it out and make sure to join the action next winter!

Posted: 1 month ago

Canada: Dub wins Flatland Unlimited 2019 + Footage

Congratulations to Dub on his victory at the annual Flatland's Unlimited contest in Toronto. You can find all pro class runs in the video above. Thanks to Joey Kyllo for the footage.

1st Jean William Prevost
2nd Percy Marshall
3rd Bo Wade
4th Jean-Francois Boulianne
5th Jason Plourde
6th Omari Hachim Cito
7th Juan Niebles
8th Ryan Russel
9th Mannie Nogueira

Posted: 1 month ago

Freestyle Now in Japan 2018 Movie

Shaun Jarvis documented his trip to Japan with the Freestyle Now crew in 2018. The full movie is 2h long but there is a lot of riding and impressions from Japan in it. Check Shaun‘s comment for a few more details:

„In October 2018 Freestyle now headed to Japan to attend the legendary Flatark contest. With flight all book the contest was cancelled a few weeks prior the date, so it was still all systems go to head to Japan and go on a riding holiday. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and Paul Chamberlain headed from both sides of Australia while Dez Maarsen travelled from his home in The Netherlands. Meeting them in Kobe was Freestyle Now recruits rider and Osaka resident Naotada Yamada. Shaun Jarvis documented the 10 day trip with making a video of each of the day’s activities and riding. It was an awesome time with so much riding going on almost every day. The video highlights the Spaceark jam that happened in Kobe which took place due to Flatark not happening, and the Freestyle Now jam that took place the day after at Nagai Park in Osaka. So much great riding. Also there are many riders from around the world who also were riding in Japan as well as so many of the Japanese bmx flatland riders. Give it a watch to see some amazing bmx flatland.“

Riders: Joel Schallhorn, Naoto Tamaru, Masato Ito, Dez Maarsen, Dan Hennig, Benjamin Hudson, Jorrit van Drumpt, Paul Chamberlain, Shaun Jarvis, Minato Sato and
York Uno

Posted: 2 months ago

Matthias Dandois - Flatland At 10000 Feet

This is probably the first alpine flatland edit. Matthias and his video crew filmed at 10000 feet in freezing cold weather on a frozen flatland spot. If you watched the little teaser clip then you already  know that a lot of blood and tears went into this one (but probably no sweat).

Posted: 2 months ago

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