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AFA Round 2 Results

Here are the full results of the AFA Round 2 2018 in Royal Oak. Congratulations to Will Redd on his first place in the pro class and to all the other winners. Check the AFA Facebook page for recorded live footage 

Beginner Class
1st T-Bone Daum
2nd Colin Carter
3rd Camden Carter
4th Kim Klisiak
5th Coda McGraw
6th Ava McGraw

Old’s Cool Class
1st Bertrand Williams
2nd Robert Reilly
3rd Anthony Schneidewind
4th Paul Hahn

Expert Class
1st Trevor Watring
2nd Michael Shao
3rd Ron Monis
4th Tony Schneidewind
5th Josh Hanson
6th Andrew Sheltraw
7th Marty Clark
8th Donavan Kelly
9th Craig Gaudet

Pro Class
1st Will Redd
2nd Art Thomason
3rd Austin Luberda
4th James McGraw
5th Jason Plourde
6th Bill Nitschke
7th Todd Carter
8th Bryan Huffman

Posted: 8 days ago

Watch FISE Montpellier Flatland Finals Live

The finals of the FISE Montpellier are taking place today in the evening (local time). Above is the live stream where you should be able to set a reminder as well. Enjoy the show and spread the word so we can all watch live!

Start of the finals for different timezones
19.00 (Paris UTC+2)
02.00 (Tokyo UTC+9)
13.00 (NY UTC-4)

Posted: 9 days ago

FISE Montpellier - Semi Final Recording and Results

As usual there is excellent coverage of the FISE events. This weekend we are going back to roots to the most iconic FISE event in Montpellier. Check out the recording of the semi finals. 

Results Semi Finals
1st Alex Jumelin
2nd Matthias Dandois
3rd Viki Gomez

Posted: 10 days ago

Matthias Dandois - Haro Street Flat Edit 2018

Oh yeah! Rad new street flat edit of Matthias. He has been working hard on his street skills as you'll see - jumping huge sets of stairs and grinding a massive rail at the end. That facial expression at the end is priceless. Yes, it was a very long handrail! In between the intro faceplant and the handrail we get a lot of nice technical street flat combos. Enjoy the show!

Posted: 13 days ago

Switzerland: Matthias Dandois wins Bike Days 2018

Congratulations to Matthias! It's the second consecutive win for him at the Bike Days and his birthday. The trophy should make a pretty decent birthday present! There is a recording of a live stream on Facebook if you are really keen to see some footage right now.

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Dustyn Alt
3rd Dominik Nekolny
4th Jean Prevost
5th Chris Böhm
6th Masato Ito
7th Didier Genet
8th Oleg Efimov
9th Francisco Lima
10th Minato Sato

Photo: Matthias Facebook

Posted: 15 days ago

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