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Budapest Sightseeing with Adam and Moto

This summer Moto visited his Monster Energy team mate Adam in Budapest. Time for a sightseeing tour and some sessions at the local spots. Luckily Sevisual was also around and shared this cool edit with us. Enjoy!

Posted: 14 days ago

Lee Musselwhite - Darklight Edit

We haven't seen many edits from Lee lately so it's cool to see what he's working on. Obviously a bunch of really creative new bits and pieces! Check it out!

Posted: 15 days ago

Battle in the Rockies Coverage + AFA Year End Ranking

The Battle in the Rockies contest is really well documented this year. James McGraw uploaded a lot of raw footage to Vimeo:

- Beginner Class
- Expert Class Battle for Pro Class
- Expert Class
- Pro Class Heat 3
- Pro Class Heat 2
- Pro Class Heat 1
- Battle - Bill Nitschke vs. Tyler Gilliard
- Battle - James McGraw vs. Austin Luberda
- Battle - Jean-William Prevost vs. Austin Luberda
- Battle - Will Redd vs. Mates Tuc¨ek

Matec Tucek from the Czech Republic documented his whole trip: Part 1, Part 2.

The year end ranking was also updated on the AFA website. Here are the top 10 of the 2017 series (scoring system: best 3 out of 5).

1st Jean-William Prevost
2nd James McGraw
3rd Tyler Gilliard
4th Austin Luberda
5th Will Redd
6th Art Thomason
7th Bill Nitschke
8th Bryan Huffman
9th Todd Carter
10th Bo Wade

Posted: 18 days ago

Dustyn Alt in New York City

Dope new edit of Dustyn's trip to NYC! He team up with Julian Hoecher who produced a really professional video. Certainly one of the best edits in a while. Enjoy!

Posted: 21 days ago

Euro Sessions Edit by Sakis Doumas

Sakis dropped us his new edit of a trip to Europe. He rode with the locals and filmed in Toulouse, Vila-Seca and Barcelona. He'll post another edit with footage from the last 2 years featuring many more riders. This is a pretty good teaser tho! Enjoy!

Riders: Anne-Sophie Perraud, Alberto Moya, Sakis Doumas, David "Monkiki" and Maxime Cassagne

Posted: 23 days ago

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