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Nantes Jam Edit

A couple of weeks ago a jam took place in a great hall at Les Machines de l'île in Nantes, France. Les Machines de l'île is an art and culture project based in Nantes. Thanks to Niakland for the great edit!

Flatland art has been contributed by: Charles Paty, Gilles Laurent, myself, Fred Page, Malo Tostivint, Robson Luiz & Kalix Jouanneau

Posted: 1 day ago

Anatole Rahain - First Edit

Anatole from France has been riding for 6 years and shared his very first edit with us. He's up to some pretty technical nose manual variations and selected some nice looking spots for his edit. Enjoy!

Posted: 1 day ago

FISE Chengdu Results + Footage

Dub took the first place at the final round of the FISE World Series in Chengdu, China. Congratulations! The 3rd place was enough for Matthias to win the UCI World Championship Flatland. That makes him the first UCI Flatland champion in the history! You can find a video of the finals here.

In the amateur result list we're happy to see a couple of Chinese names as well.

1st Jean William Prevost
2nd Moto Sasaki
3rd Matthias Dandois
4th Alex Jumelin
5th Dez Maarsen
6th Viki Gomez
7th Raphael Chiquet
8th Takumi Isogai

1st Takato Moriya
2nd Vladimir Isaev
3rd Minato Sato
4th Tang Ke Yi
5th Wei Li Fu
6th Luo Dan
7th Wang Biao
8th Yang Ming Kai

Here are a few words from the official press release:

"Another exciting final on the flatland stage! The crowd were mesmerised by the creativity and style of the flatland final. Jean William Prevost had a perfect run and he showed why he was last years champion, his control and execution were flawless and he was delighted to take home the win “I’m more than blessed to do this in my second home China” In second was Moto Sasaki he completed at least 5 really good long combinations and scored a well deserve 90.00 points. In third was familiar face on the podium Matthias Dandois who packed his run full of signature tricks.

An absolutely amazing year for flatland in the first ever UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup. It came down to the wire between 2 really good friends Alex Jumlin and Matthias Dandois. The two French riders pushed each other constantly as they battled in events across the world. Alex didn’t find his rhythm here in China and finished 4th. Matthias Dandois managed to hold on to the top place making him our overall winner for the second year

Japan, proves once again why it is considered the sacred land of the BMX Flat, dominating the BMX Flatland World Cup standings. Misaki Katigari is at the top of the table and ahead of the other Japanese rider Eri Futnasu. Perseverance and patience brought her the victory. Third place, is occupied by the French rider Céline Vaes who has distinguished herself brilliantly this season."

Posted: 11 days ago

Watch FISE Chengdu Live This Weekend

This weekend the last stop of this year's FISE World Series takes place in Chengdu, China. As usual there will be a live stream of the event. The Flatland finals will be broadcasted on Sunday night (America) / morning (Europe) / afternoon (Asia). Enjoy!

Sunday November 4th
16:50 UTC+8 / 09:50 UTC+1 / 04:50 UTC-4​
UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup Final

Posted: 14 days ago

New Heresy Team Edit - Group Asphaltanic Rites

This is a good one! The whole Heresy crew in one edit by the infamous Sevisual. What more can we ask for? Enjoy!

Riders: Michaël Husser, Peter Olsen, George Manos, Sebastian Grubinger, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Alexis Desolneux

Posted: 16 days ago

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