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Uruguay: Charrua Jam Highlights + Results

The Charrua Jam was one of the first international contests in Uruguay. It took place last weekend in the capital city Montevideo. Owen Bohn took the first place - congratulations! You can find the top 3 below. Aerial TV made a really good highlight edit and it looks like Uruguay had a pretty good flatland weekend!

1st Owen Bohn
2nd Gonzalo Bellanti
3rd Mauro Aponte

Posted: 3 hours ago

Tartiflat Jam 3 - Cheese and BMX

This is a good one! The Tartiflat Jam took place back in September. Etienne who made this video wrote: "3rd edition of the Tartiflat Jam, September 2017 with local riders from Annecy, Grenoble, Lyon and more. This year, our jam took place at Les Villards-sur-Thônes between mountains, sun and rain. Lots of fun and cheeses !"

Now we were curious about the cheese situation and it turns out that a Tartiflette (you will see it in the end) is a French dish with potatoes and cheese. That was your daily dose of random knowledge about French flatland-wordplays. Enjoy the video!

Posted: 3 days ago

Japan: Flat Games Results and Footage

About one week ago Moto's contest Flat Games took place in Chiba, Japan. Congratulations to Keisuke on his first place! Yasushi Kajiwala posted a nice highlight edit on Facebook. Check it out! 

1st Keisuke Tanigawa
2nd Ryo Katagiri
3rd Yu Katagiri
4th Yoshiki Uchino
5th Fumiya Kanna
6th Naoto Tamaru
7th Yorimitsu Miyata
8th Yuki Ito

Posted: 3 days ago

Motelworks 2018 Complete Bikes

Kotaro Tanaka's company Motelsworks introduced their 2018 lineup of complete bikes. The AUX:E is the 20" freestyle model for flatland and street riding. It's an affordable bike (less than 600USD) that comes with all the feature a beginner needs: freecoaster, 3pc crank, both brakes and so on. The 19,3" top tube is a good compromise for flat and street riding. 

Besides the 20" version there is a 16" and even a 14" model available for the younger rider out there. Check for more details.

Posted: 5 days ago

DownUnderGround Round 2 Highlights

Round 2 of the 2017 DownUnderGround series took place in Bridport, Tasmania back in June. In the meantime this awesome edit found it’s way to Youtube. The airport hanger was a great location and a whole bunch of riders travelled to Tasmania for the contest. At the end of the video there is even a little bonus part. Enjoy!

Round 3 will take place on November 25th.

Posted: 8 days ago

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