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Master of Creativity 2017 - Registration open!

Yeah! Master of Creativity 2017 is starting! Once again the online video competition is challenging riders to film the most creative and difficult tricks. The process remains the same: register, film before the deadline, submit your video, get judged, go to the next round and repeat. 

The rounds:
Round 1 - 25 second clip until June 1st
Round 2 - 30 second clip until August 1st
Round 3 - 30 second clip until November 1st

The judges: Martti, Viki, Effraim

Register on

Posted: 1 day ago

France: Matthias Dandois wins Caen BMX Indoor

The Caen BMX Indoor took place this weekend in France. It was the first stop of the Coupe de France BMX Flatland (French Flatland Championship). Matthias won the open (pro) class. Congratulations!
On the FB page of the Coupe they explain that all contests of the series will have 5 classes this year (Girl, Novice, Expert, Advanced, Open). Below are the top 3 of the open class, stay tuned for the full results.

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Joris Bretagnolles

Photo: Matthias IG

Posted: 1 day ago

Pegasus BMX - Ukgrip V2 Pegs by Jason Forde

Here is a little update from Pegasus and Jason Forde. They improved Jason's Ukgrip pegs with a new taper design and added pivot caps. The caps are 15mm + base 97mm = total length of 112mm. They choose 6061 – t6 aluminium for the base and 7075 for the cap (plastic and delrin also available). 

Official comment from
"Ukgrip version 2 feature smooth peg design with strong bottom new design they feature a shorter grip tape area offering a longer pivot area under the cap where the grip tape always gets warn down, the grip tape is recessed down to prevent peeling and ripping. Anodized Black blue red and polished, This new version of UK grip has a reducer washer in the base to reduce the 14mm axle hole downto 3/8″ axle hole. Cilindrical engraved to add slight grip in pivot area below the cap."

Posted: 2 days ago

NASS - iBMXff World Championships

This year the NASS festival in the UK is going to host the iBMXff World Championships again including flatland. Quick reminder: iBMXff = International BMX Freestyle Federation which is more or less the most official organization that BMX Freestyle has to offer ;-) 

It's schedule for the 6 - 9th of July near Bristol. There will be all kinds of BMX and Skate contests as well as a music festival. More details and links: NASS - iBMXff World Championships

Posted: 4 days ago

Events: Bike Days and 100 PSI

We've added two new event dates to our list: Bike Days in Switzerland and 100 PSI in Germany. While we're still trying to get some information about the World Circuit this year, it already says on the Bike Days website that the event is part of the World Circuit 2017. So at least we know about one stop. The annual 100 PSI Contest in Dresden is also part of the national German Championship.

More details and links:
May 6th - 7th in Switzerland: Bike Days
August 26th in Germany: 100 PSI

Help us to keep the event list up to date by submitting events here.

Posted: 5 days ago

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