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Joe Cicman - 2017 Year End Edit

Joe dropped us his year end edit and claimed that it's prank-free. It sounds like a trap but as far as we can tell this edit is pretty legit. A lot of unorthodox cicman-styles. Check it out!

Posted: 17 hours ago

New 2018 Dates: Bike Days and UK Championships

The event list is looking pretty empty at the moment but the 2018 dates start coming in. Here are the latest updates! Matti Hemmings is pretty organized and already announced 2 rounds of the UK Championships:

March 10th - 11th in United Kingdom: UK Flatland BMX Championships / Bike Expo
October 13th in United Kingdom: UK Flatland BMX Championships / Cycle Expo

The Swiss people are equally organized and are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Bike Days next year. The time schedule of the flatland contest is already set. Be there!
May 5th - 6th in Switzerland: Bike Days 2018

Help us to keep the event list up to date by submitting your events here.

Posted: 5 days ago

Kevin Nikulski - Serious Lazer Business

Most serious video of the year right here! Kevin Nikulski has a new coach and a winter training camp. Get ready for 2018! Be Lazer!

Posted: 8 days ago

France: BSF Contest Results

For the 2nd time there was a flatland contest at the BSF festival in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The festival took place last weekend. Congratulations to Kevin Jacob who took the first place.

1st Kevin Jacob
2nd Thomas Noyer
3rd Rodolphe Clavelier
4th Romain Dodelier
5th Jeremy Brosset
6th Benoit Ligout

Photo: @lazylittlefish

Posted: 10 days ago

German Flatland-BMX Championship Results

On the weekend the Kunstform Stock Session was held in Stuttgart, Germany. Besides a best-trick contest it also hosted the ceremony for the German Championships. Congratulations to all the winner! 

Kunstform Stock Session Best Trick  
1st Kevin Nikulski
2nd Wolfgang Sauter
3rd Markus Schwital
4th John Krämer

German Flatland-BMX Championship Pro
1st Kevin Nikulski
2nd Wolfgang Sauter
3rd Rayk Hahne

German Flatland-BMX Championship Master
1st Malte Orth
2nd Benny Hill
3rd Mike Speer

Photo: @freedombmx_mag on IG

Posted: 14 days ago

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