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Watch FISE Budapest Live + Alex qualifies first

This weekend it's time for the FISE Budapest in Hungary. The FISE crew is well organized and already prepared the live streams for the semi-finals and finals. The link for the finals (on Sunday) is embedded above including a countdown and reminder function. The semi finals will be on Saturday 20:00 CET and you can watch them here:

The qualifications already took place today (Friday) and Alex had the best run. Check the quali results below. Thanks to Laetitia for sharing them!

1st Alex Jumelin
2nd Dominik Nekolny
3rd Adam Kun
4th Sietse van Berkel
5th Raphael Chiquet
6th Dustyn Alt 
7th Mates Tucek
8th Sebastian Grubinger
9th Moto Sasaki

Posted: 2 hours ago

Visual History of Flatland by Red Bull

Red Bull released a pretty cool video on their youtube channel with old flatland footage and photos from the 80s till today. Enjoy the history lesson!

'Experience the evolution of Flatland BMX from the 80s to present day. 

"STAGES" brings together two of the scene's most iconic riders, Red Bull athlete Yohei Uchino & the legendary Chad DeGroot as they travel through time re-exploring a range of tricks & styles from the Cherry Picker and Scuffing to the highly technical modern era of Flatland BMX.'

Posted: 1 day ago

Brett Downs - Freestyle at 50

Happy Birthday to Brett Downs!

"After spending my life on my bike, this is what freestyle at 50 years old is to me. It's been a great ride."

Brett's riding still looks pretty impressive! Most 20yo riders will be jealous .. keep riding!

Posted: 4 days ago

Spain: Viki Gomez wins O'Marisquino Contest

Check that result list! Quite the spanish party ... and Viki took the top spot on the podium of the annual O'Marisquino flatland contest in Vigo, Spain. Congratulations!

1st Viki Gómez
2nd Alberto Moya
3rd Varo Hernández
4th Keegan Alves
5th Gonzalo "Pola" Bellarti
6th Santi Notario
7th Didier Genet
8th Íñigo Arroyo
9th José Ramón Ramírez
10th Andrew Marques
11th Aapo Arias


Posted: 4 days ago

Franceline from France - August Edit

Alexandre kindly shared this video of his girlfriend Franceline with us. They are from France and it's cool to see there are some flatland ladies out there that you probably never hear about. Franceline seems to be working hard on all kinds of McCircle variations. Check her sunny August edit!

Posted: 6 days ago

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