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York Jam + Vic City Jam

We added 2 upcoming events to our list. The annual York Jam takes place for the 28th time! Only 2 years left and York Jam is joining the 30+ club. This year the main jam will be on Sept 8 with a pre-jam on Sept 7. 

One week later the Vic City Jam will take place on Sept 16 in Canada: "Join Victoria´s small but dedicated flat crew for a day of riding and hanging. Drinks and snacks and tons of fun! We´ll probably finish it off with food and drinks at a nearby pub. The spot is a ten-minute bike ride from the ferries."

Posted: 3 days ago

Brazil: Sergio Ricardo wins Overground Round 2

Sergio Ricardo aka Balu won the 2 stage of the Brazilian Overground Circuit in Manaus. Congratulations! M.U.F. Midia posted a big photo gallery on Facebook. You can find the pro and master results below. The 3rd round of the Overground series is schedule for September 15 and 16.

1st Sergio Ricardo
2nd Francisco Lima 
3rd Bruno Morotti 
4th Fagner Richter
5th Marcio Soares

1st Jorge Luiz Amancio
2nd Rogerio Mesquita
3rd Ricardo Barbosa
4th Junior Rocan

Posted: 9 days ago

Jean William Prevost - New 2018 Links

Dub is a busy contest rider and traveller. Such a schedule doesn't make it easy to work on new combos or focus on video projects. He took some time to film his new 2018 links at different places around the world. There is a lot of amazing stuff in there. Enjoy!

"The PURO FLAT 2018 Series is my intention to stay true to the artform that comes through Flatland before simplification for competitions and all other forms of it may it be shows or whichever...this is just me and the camera (phone) for the sake of the artform!!!

As I compete and travel the World, finding the energy to give time for these edits has been a challenge. Here is a compilation of new tricks and / or combos filmed in Montreal, Shenzhen and Beijing throughout 2018 Spring season."

Posted: 11 days ago

Snipes Battle Square Results and Footage

Congratulations to Alex on his victory at the first Battle Square contest in Rotterdam. If everything goes according to plan a series with 6 events will follow in 2019. Woozy BMX already posted a highlight video. Check it out! @laet_gna took over our Instagram account for the weekend and posted photos of the amateurs and pros - more will follow soon.

1st Alex Jumelin
2nd Jean William Prevost
3rd Dominik Nekolny
4th Benjamin Hudson
5th Lee Musselwhite
6th Dustyn Alt
7th Viki Gomez
8th Raphael Chiquet
9th Sietse Van Berkel
10th Gilles Van de Sompel
11th Alberto Moya
12th Dez Maarsen
13th Chris Boehm
14th Terry Adams

1st Anatole Rahain
2nd Jorrit van Drumpt
3rd Julien Baran
4th Barre Neirynck
5th Gino Stuart
6th Saky Kypirtidis
7th Bodean Maarsen
8th Malte Orth
9th Gabin Jumelin
10th Catfish

Posted: 12 days ago

5th Annual Labor Day Flat Jam

In exactly 1 month on September 2 and 3 the Labor Day Jam takes place in Oldsmar, Florida. A few words from the organizer: 'This year, we’re putting the “Free” back in #freestyle / 2 Days this time for those that can’t always make it out here on Mondays the last few years, Sunday is now part of the event. No Raffles, No Contests, No Trophies, JUST JAM!'

Click here for more details and videos of the 2017 event.

Posted: 17 days ago

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