The photo community is the latest part of the global-flat community. It gives you the opportunity to upload your own photos. You can also create your own albums and put your photos into them. Only registered users can upload photos but everybody can see them.

The Forum is the most important part of our community. You can meet a lot of flatlanders from all around the world and share your thoughts with them. We also set up 2 sub-forums for people who don't speak english. A spanish and a german forum. Furthermore there is the 'Open Talk' forum for not flatland related topics.

The Rider Database is a partnership between and global-flat. It's dedicated to all the BMX freestylers out there who want to get in contact with other riders from all over the world. Wether you have to move to another city because of your job, or you plan a trip travelling across the world and want to ride with the locals that you might not know yet, this site will hopefully evolve to the place to be checked out first!

New version is under construction

The Bike Configurator gives you the oppotunity to create your own or a fictive setup. Moreover you can save your setup and view all the other saved setups.

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