VOCAL - Hitchhiker Freecoaster/Cassette

VOCAL - Hitchhiker Freecoaster/Cassette

Name: Hitchhiker Freecoaster/Cassette
Company: VOCAL ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 0 g ( = 0.00 lbs )
Infos: Can work as a normal cassette with the spring kit provided or as a freecoaster
Hub is as light as a cassette hub
Thick flanges
CRMO male axle with thicker wall than normal
17mm crmo axle nuts

Cassette Pawls/Springs included
CNC shell unique to Vocal Engraved logo

RRP 119.99
Alloy driver side hub guard available (24.99)
Alloy non drive side hub guard available (17.99)
Color Black Or Polished
Spokes 36
Teeth RHD 9t driver only
Type Freecoaster/Cassette


Current rating:

5 of 5 (5 ratings)


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