Tree Bicycle Co. - Straight Pull Front Hub

Tree Bicycle Co. - Straight Pull Front Hub

Name: Straight Pull Front Hub
Company: Tree Bicycle Co. ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 235 g ( = 0.52 lbs )
Infos: Its very easy to lace the wheel, just push the spoke into the hub and the spoke goes right to the corresponding hole in the rim. Unique thread design that prevents cross threading the axle. The bolts thread directly into the aluminum axle. Our tests have shown that the aluminum threads are very strong so that under high torque the bolt will pull apart before the threads strip out. The spokes are laced 5 cross. We chose 5 cross because it made it possible to assemble the wheel and it has the same strength of a 4 cross which is the strongest lacing pattern for a 36 hole wheel. This design only looses an effective "flange" diameter of 1/32" or .5mm, which is very minuscule to the benefits of straight pull spokes.

There is also a very special bearing system that allows no looseness in the hub while at the same time allowing no resistance to rolling from side loads. The bolts can be tightened as tight as you want and it will never make the wheel roll slower. Removable and replaceable high strength nylon tree plastic hub guard sold separately that protects the spokes and greatly increases the life of the spokes when used by hardcore street riders.

* Specifically for use w/ Tree Twigs n´ Berries spokes
Axle 3/8" axle bolts with 17mm 7075 aluminum internal axle
Color Black, Blue, Red, Gold, or Raw
Sealed Low friction bearing design
Spokes 36 - 5x cross lacing
Type Front


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