Supercross - HUGE Bars

Supercross - HUGE Bars

Name: HUGE Bars
Company: Supercross ( All parts of this Company )
Weight: 780 g ( = 1.72 lbs )
Infos: The Supercross BMX HUGE Flat Series Pro Bars are just a little taller than the original FLAT series by a 1/4" to give you just a little taller bar.
The HUGE Bars are full heat treated 13 butted Cro-mo, with stem knurling for a positive grip on your stem.
The full dimensions are 28" wide, 8.25" tall with 6 back sweep and 2 up sweep.

Color Gloss Black, Gloss White, Clear Raw and the limited edition Show Chrome plating
Height 8.25"
Width 28"


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