Subrosa - DTT Flatt

Subrosa - DTT Flatt

Name: DTT Flatt
Company: Subrosa ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 2131 g ( = 4.70 lbs )
Infos: From the Subrosa website:

We know a lot of you have been waiting on this one! I guess this marks our first official announcement of our first flatland specific frame, the DTT Flatt. This frame will be in full production, and will be released in March, so if you arenít lucky enough to pick up the limited edition Subrosa X Aggro DTT, never fear, weíll have these available in stores worldwide. We have done the DTT in the past under the Pandora line with great success, but this is a whole new frame design all on itís own.

The DTT Flatt is just what it says. This frame is designed with flatland in mind. With the help of flatland riders, and our knowledge of frame design we are so psyched on the outcome. The DTT Flatt features a 19″ top tube and a 13.25″ rear end. The 13.25″ set up leaves room to remove the chain, so if you really want to slam your rear wheel it can be set up at 13″. Combine that with an 8.5″ stand over height and a 75 degree headtube angle this frame rides solid.

Another cool feature on the Flatt is the raised down tube with flat specific gusset. This creates more foot clearance in the front end, and gives it a true flatland look. We added some of our tried and true Subrosa custom pieces to the frame like the Subrosa wishbone and Subrosa hollow dropouts with built in chain tensioners. This frame is dialed. Hereís what our resident Art Director/ Flatlander built up. Enjoy.
Bottom-Bracket mid,
Color Black
Dropouts 6mm hollow with integrated chain adjustor for 14mm
Integr-Headset Yes
TT 19"


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