Standard Industries - Shaman (2009 Custom Re-issue)

Standard Industries - Shaman (2009 Custom Re-issue)

Name: Shaman (2009 Custom Re-issue)
Company: Standard Industries ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 0 g ( = 0.00 lbs )
Infos: "In 1998 Standard debuted The Shaman, designed for flatland and street rider Bobby Fisher. As demand for a frame like this died down, like the Indian medicine man namesake, the Shaman faded from memory into obscurity, but still being praised by those die hard fans still riding them 10 years later.

That is until recently when Standard started the custom shop and were able to do modern versions of our old frames for a growing contingent in the BMX world that want a high quality custom frame. So, the order came through for the rebirth of the Shaman with Integrated Head tube, Euro bb, welded on gyro tabs, seat stay 990´s and 3/8" thick 1/4" dropouts which seemed normal enough. But then the decision was made to go all out with a version with Mid bb with 14mm dropouts and adding this to the available custom line.
The first versions are built and plans for more, plus the internet buzz over some twittered spy photos have got everyone saying that they have seen Bobby Fisher and he is amazed at the response that we are getting from this rebirth of the Shaman."
Bottom-Bracket MidBB or EuroBB
Dropouts 14mm
Integr-Headset yes


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3.4 of 5 (5 ratings)


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