Solid Bikes - Bitch Cranks V2

Solid Bikes - Bitch Cranks V2
Name: Bitch Cranks V2
Company: Solid Bikes ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 0 g ( = 0.00 lbs )
Infos: Back after a long hiatus, the toughest cranks around have finally made their way to your waiting hands. Using an incredibly strong 22mm spindle and heat treated 4130 chromoly arms, the Bitch Cranks are tough as nails and tougher than you.

Proudly made in the USA.

Flush Mount Spindle Bolts
RHD and LHD Drive Compatible
Heat Treated Chromoly Arms
BB-Size 22mm 48 Spline Hollow Spindle
Color Satin black, chrome
Length 165, 170, 175, 180mm


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