QuestBMX - MetaGuruStix

QuestBMX - MetaGuruStix

Name: MetaGuruStix
Company: QuestBMX ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 141 g ( = 0.31 lbs )
Infos: MetaGuruStix specification of design:
4.5 Length (114.3mm)
1-5/8 diameter (1.625 / 41mm)
3/8 axle hole (easily drillable to 14mm)
Medium-grade knurl is grippy for feet yet keeps hands painless
6061-T6 Aluminum goodness
Weight 141g each
A true guru will never sacrifice strength to save a few ounces.
Sold as pairs
Made in USA

"We wanted to produce some pegs that were in between 1.375" and 1.5" with the GuruStix and the MetaGuruStix is between the popular 1.5" and 1.75".
These are very light but not the lightest because we want them to last. Smoothed edges for pivots and long shoe wear plus a medium grade knurling without any lines or holes to help shoes last longer and keep hands from getting torn up. Internally relieved and then reinforced at the inside and outside edges for strength and to fight denting at the ends."
Axle 3/8"
Color Silver


Current rating:

3.8 of 5 (13 ratings)


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