OG Bikes - Gypsy Tears

OG Bikes - Gypsy Tears

Name: Gypsy Tears
Company: OG Bikes ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 2000 g ( = 4.41 lbs )
Infos: We are happy to announce the new, revised and perfected follower of our one-time innovative frame design called Dadan. The new frame is called Gypsy Tears.
We opened up many companies’ eyes to try designing frames with a main tube to offer more room for certain types of tricks.

You could often see similar frames but ours was the original. No offense on them, we just wanted to let you all know that we were the ones taking all the stupid comments like "you could buy such frames in Walmart" and so on. The Dadan frame was way stronger than anybody thought it was going to be, offering much more foot room than any other frames of that era.

Now, four years later the prototype of the “newschool” version is out. Lower weight, lower geometry, smaller diameter tubing plus complete heat treatment. ED black color to save some additional weight. The main tube´s wall thickness is chosen properly to resist the abuse the frames may have to face. The frame offers even more space for tricks such as crossfooted variations and makes whiplashes much easier, too.

Specs: 18.75" and 19.25” MT length
MTA: 74.5 degrees
CS length: 13”
Designed by OG Marton.
Ridden by the OG Crew.
Bottom-Bracket Spanish
Color Black
Integr-Headset Yes
TT 18.75", 19.25"


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