OG Bikes - Caramel 2

OG Bikes - Caramel 2

Name: Caramel 2
Company: OG Bikes ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 610 g ( = 1.34 lbs )
Infos: The redesigned and improved OG Caramel2 handlebars. They will come in one size only, but there will be two tubing versions. The rise is 7.9" (198mm) for better bike control. The material is heat treated Sanko Japanese CrMo tubing. The result is a rather tall but light and strong set of bars, with 3.5 degrees of up- and backsweep.

The crossbar is pretty low, but since the heat treated tubing is of the proper thickness at the curved area, the bars are very strong and reliable.

The bottom part of the bars are angled for saving your knees.

The weight of the OG Caramel bars:
-Multiple butted version: 610g (1.34lb)
-Normal version: 740g (1.63lb)
Color Black
Height 198mm = 7.9"


Current rating:

2.9 of 5 (241 ratings)


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