Deco - Succubus

Deco - Succubus

Name: Succubus
Company: Deco ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 2177 g ( = 4.80 lbs )
Infos: These are for the smaller rider or flatland. We donīt want to brand them with flatland only cause they are very sweet for both but donīt really fit the kooky flatland look. The down tube is raised with a gusset for more room. This is the Succubus flatland frame. Sorry for any confusion. The Succubus frame will be able to run a 2.25 rear tire with enough room for you streeters. Really you could run a 2.35, but we donīt recommend it.

Whatīs so good about the Succubus is what itīs not. Highly attractive and willing to suck the flatland right out of you. Donīt refuse it, let it happen, and may all your dreams come true. This frame will draw energy to sustain itself. It may even suck the flatland right out from your dreams. Succumb to the Succubus.

13" Rear end

75 Head tube

71 Seat tube

Weight: 4.8 lbs.

14mm dropouts (use a spacer if you want 10mm), removable 990īs, built in Allen chain tensioners

Colors: Metal Blue, Metal Orange, Silver, and Raw
Color Metal Blue, Metal Orange, Silver, and Raw
Dropouts 14mm
Integr-Headset Yes
TT 19", 18.25"


Current rating:

3.7 of 5 (35 ratings)


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